Cancellation conditions


Cancellation fees:


Price for 1 night if the cancellation date is less than 2 days before arrival.


Additional conditions

  1. Prices and services

The prices shown on the website and other information material are indicative prices for accommodation and services provided by the guesthouse. However, the guest is subject to the price given in the voucher or confirmation. The prices and services shown on the voucher are the terms of the contract. In case of vis major, the accommodation provider is entitled to change the terms and conditions provided by him.


  1. Cancellation by guest

The guest is entitled to cancel the reservation at any time before arrival. Please send the cancellation by email to The cancellation date is determined by the time of sending the email.


For cancellations from larger groups, an individual cancellation fee may be negotiated.


The accommodation (host) will not charge a cancellation fee to the guest in the following cases: death in the family; hospitalisation of the guest or a relative; serious illness; military call-up; natural disaster. In case of cancellation due to a military or military service, or in case of a military emergency, or in case of a military service, the guest must notify the accommodation provider in writing within 3 days of the occurrence of any of the above events and provide proof of the event.


  1. Validity

The General Terms and Conditions form an integral part of the booking and the voucher.